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Save the bees!

Our delicious frozen fruit pops would not be possible without all the hard work of our favorite fuzzy pollinators, and they are in danger. For every pop purchased 1kr is donated to Naturskyddsforeningen to help save our bees, and that’s the bee’s knees.

Diseases, pesticides and a changing environment are threatening nature’s biggest pollinators. About a third of the food we eat relies on bees to pollinate our fruits and vegetables. Without bees we wouldn’t have any delicious fruit pops to enjoy. 

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How can we help?

4 things you can do to help our bees!



Buy organic food to reduce the use of pesticides that are harmful to bees.

Some produce use more pesticides than others.

If can, buy organic strawberries, pears, apples, grapes, nectarines and blueberries.



Grow flowers on the balcony, in the garden and save wildflowers, blooming trees and bushes when you prune. The bees loves it!

How to make a seed bomb!

Mix 1 part native wildflower seeds with 5 parts clay from your outside and 3 parts compost. Add some water until they can form balls. Let the balls dry for 24-48 hours before tossing them where you want flowers to grow.



Help the bees with housing.

Build a nice house for them!

You need a wooden box that you fill with blocks of untreated wood or small logs into which you drill small holes. Make sure the box has a sloping roof to deflect rain. Ideally the drilled holes will be between 2mm and 10mm.


Quench the thirst

Make a waterstation for bees so they can safely drink on their way to pollinate some more. 


All you need is a shallow bowl, fill with water and add a good amount of stones and pebbles so the bees have nice spots to land and help them avoid drowning.

Naturskyddsföreningen does this to save the bees!

  • Influence politicians to make tougher decisions to favor sustainable agriculture without fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

  • Organic farming benefits the bees, the campaign for organic food gives results.

  • Work to make it profitable to let the animals graze and keep thriving lands open.

  • The local associations look after many meadows in the country.

  • Give tips on how we all can help the bees. More people need to find out how important bees are.

Interested to learn more about bees, check out Naturskyddsföreningens learning and fact material about bees for schools! 





For every Folkets Pop sold 1 kr will be donated to Naturskyddsföreningen to help save our bees.

Want to make a donation directly to Naturskyddsföreningen?

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save the bees
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