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What is a Folkets Pop?

Folkets Pops is our brand of handmade sorbet popsicles/ice pops/icy poles/ice lolly/isglass/picolé/sorbetpinne made with sustainable ingredients and delicious seasonal flavors. Our fruit based pops are made with fresh rescued fruit, just enough Swedish beet sugar, water, and a bit of flavor from organic herbs, spices, citrus, or other natural ingredients. Our creamy vegan pops use coconut cream and/or oat milk and we use local organic dairy in our non-vegan pops. 

1kr from every pop sold is donated to help save the bees via Naturskyddsföreningens Operation: Rädda Bina!


Are your products organic?

While we use as many organic ingredients as possible in our production our pops are not 100% organic. Our organic chocolate comes from Malmö Chokladfabrik and we use organic beet sugar from Skåne. The fruit we rescue is sometimes organic and will always be labelled as such.  Our classic flavors Pink Elderflower and Strawberry are made with 93% organic ingredients


Are your products allergy friendly?

We do not use any nuts in our production facility and only use chocolate from Malmö Chokladfabriks' nut free factory. We are conscious of other allergens as well and clean all equipment between batches. Most of our products are naturally vegan and free from gluten, but please see the product ingredients for more information and get in touch with your specific questions. 


Do you have flavors without added sugar?

Blueberry Apple is made without added sugar and is sweetened only with apple juice. We do not use any artificial sweeteners.  We are working on developing more pops sweetened only with fruit.


What is rescued fruit?

Rescued fruit, ugly fruit or surplus fruit is fruit that would otherwise go to waste due to overstock, short expiration, aesthetic flaws, packaging errors or various other reasons. In other words, perfectly edible produce that has been rescued from being wasted. 30% of the food we grow is wasted and we hope to reduce this figure by freezing rescued fruits into our delicious sorbet pops. This way we can increase the shelf life of fresh produce and offer you a delicous frozen treat made with sustainable ingredients. 


Where can I find Folkets Pops?

Folkets Pops is based in Malmö from our HQ Augustenborgstorget. Here you can buy pops from us directly, pick up your order, and visit our little shop.

Order online from for home delivery in Skåne, Blekinge, Göteborg, Stockholm, and Uppsala


Follow the Popcykel May-September around Malmö at the beach, parks, and on the streets around the city. Follow us on Instagram @folketspops for updates. 

Book the Popcykel for catering your event

Folkets Pops can be found at a growing number of resellers in southern Sweden. See our map here 


What are the payment options?

Payments can be made with card or Swish, we do not accept cash. For catering and wholesale orders an invoice will be sent.


Do you offer gift cards?

We offer a 10 pop klippkort. Our Klippkort can be redeemed directly from Folkets Pops at the Popcykel and Folkets Pops HQ. Get in touch for more info


What is xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum is a natural thickener made from fermenting sugar. We use it in some of our pops with less natural fiber and pectin such as lemonade or melon based pops. 

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